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Elise Brown Owner &

Board Certified Behavior Analyst 

I have a passion for education and learning. I believe that we are always learning from those around us and the environments we interact with. I believe that building the best teams and supports can help any learner succeed. 

I have extensive experience working with school districts providing behavior supports for students ages PreK-Young Adult. My areas of expertise include Applied Behavior Analysis, IEP and 504 behavioral assessment and intervention, PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports), Program and Classroom Management, Staff Development and Parent Training. I believe that we are all members of the same support team and we can build successful learning environments by working together. 


Sarah Petrin M.A., LBS-1 , Edu. Instructional Technology

As a licensed LBS 1 and Certified Instructional Technology Specialist , she has experience differentiating curriculum & designing multisensory lessons in all subject areas. Sarah has worked collaboratively with special education teams to effectively help teachers & students reach their goals. 


Since 2017, Sarah has worked as an instructional specialist in a K-8 district. She gained valuable insight about adult learners while creating, then facilitating, engaging & informative professional learning opportunities. Her experience supporting staff through problem solving meetings, curricular planning, & co-teaching has maximized her ability to differentiate her coaching style to meet the various needs of teachers. 


Sarah Petrin M.A, LBS 1


Courtney Vilimek, BCBA, LCPC

Courtney is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LCPC). This clinical experience allows Courtney to provide a unique clinical lens that takes into consideration the basic principles of behavior while also having knowledge of the potential role that mental health is contributing in different situations.


She has extensive experience working with individuals Pre-K through adulthood in a variety of environments. Courtney believes that strong, foundational rapport and collaboration are critical when providing support.


Through approaching all situations as a team, it allows multiple perspectives to come together allowing for the highest quality of care. She thrives to incorporate creative, unique, and idiosyncratic support to make meaningful change.


Courtney Boulukos

Behavior Consultant


Natalie Roti,  MS, BCBA

Natalie is Board Certified Behavior Analyst with experience supporting clients in a variety of settings. She is extremely passionate about fostering an inclusive and supportive environment where every child has the tools to thrive. With a deep understanding of behavior analytic principles, she is committed to implementing evidence-based strategies tailored to each student's unique needs. Through collaboration with educators, parents, and other professionals, she has experience creating individualized intervention plans that promote academic, social, and emotional growth. By empowering children with the skills they need to succeed, she aims to make a lasting impact on their educational journey, helping them unlock their full potential.


Natalie Roti

Behavior Consultant 


The Learner Knows Best

Together we can help any learner succeed! I believe that if a child/person is not learning or motivated to learn, it is up to us as their team to create supportive environments to help make them successful. To provide the best education we need to meet the needs of the individual and together we can accomplish amazing things! 

Female Student
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