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Making Progress Together

Together let's learn how to support our student(s) and create educational environments and supports that help everyone feel successful!

Training Catalog For

School Districts

Don't see a training that fits your needs? We can customize a training that meets the needs of staff and site. 

Writing Effective & Efficient FBAs and BIPs

Special Education Staff, including Teachers, Social Workers, Psychs and Admin.

2 Days

(can be adjusted to fit time)

Conducing assessments can be time consuming and hard. Staff lack confidence in completing them and may do the bare minimum because they lack confidence in the process. Let us help you build a tool box with your staff to give them the confidence and make the process less daunting. 

Day1: We focus on learning and practicing effective ways to write strong functional behavior assessments. Such as how to write clear and concise target behavior definitions, how to collect data and perform effective observations, how to identify a clear hypothesis that will lead to better interventions and most importantly...spend work time building a tool box (shared folder of resources) to utilize in the process. 

Day 2 (does not have to be consecutive): We come back to the table to discuss what we learned about the FBA process and how to transfer it into a Behavior Intervention Plan. We focus on learning FUNCTION BASED interventions and how to individualize them to fit the student's plan. We discuss and solve the challenges we face when implementing plans, coaching and training staff and continuing with data collection. 

Managing A Classroom Team

Special Education Teachers

3 hours

Did you know teachers are not taught in their program HOW to manage other adults! 

Learning to facilitate a classroom team can be scary and hard, especially for first year teachers. We will spend time discussing our fears, the unknowns and the how to's! Time will be spent practicing and role playing to learn effective communication strategies to give direction and support the needs of our team members. We will discuss how to build a collaborative environment and create tools for flawless daily routines and instruction. Whether its learning stations or supporting students outside the classroom, we will help them create tools to manage staff time and scheduling. 

Curriculum Modifications and Adaptations 

Special Education Teachers

Tailored to meet your needs

Staff learn how to modify and adapt curriculum materials to meet the unique needs of your students while aligning with academic standards.

Classroom Management Systems

All Teachers

1.5 hours

Great for all teachers, particularly newbies. Spend time talking about ways to create classroom expectations and rules that are fun and interactive. We will discuss how to involve your students in creating classroom rules, teaching them over time and creating fun visuals for the classroom. We will also discuss different systems, such as reward systems how to tie them into schoolwide PBIS, as well as warning and classroom consequence systems to support student behavior and slow the process of school based consequences and getting kicked out of the classroom.

Behavior Is Communication: What Does It Mean When My Students Engage In Problem Behavior & How Do I Respond?

All Teachers

2 hours

When a student misbehaves, it may be a sign that the student is trying to tell us that something is not working for them in their learning environment. Share and discuss behaviors displayed in the classroom and strategies to intervene on these behaviors. Learn about whole group strategies, as well as individual supports that can help improve behavior over time. We will also discuss how our responses influence the behavior of others and how to respond effectively.

Having A Trauma Informed Lens In The Classroom 

All Teachers

1.5 hours

Spend time learning what it means to have a trauma informed approach as an educator. We will spend time discussing the trauma students may face and how this shapes their behavior over time. Leave this training feeling equipped as an educator with the skills and tools to help engage and support students that have experienced trauma over time. 

Basic Principals of Behavior Analysis - How to Use Them In Your Classroom

All Teachers

2 hours

Learn about the functional relationship between behavior and the environment. We will discuss the four reasons behavior may be occurring and how to work to increase positive behaviors over time. By understanding the "function" of behavior we can build and create supportive learning environments to support each individual student. 

Data Collection In The Classroom 

All Teachers and PBIS Teams

2 hours

A great training for all staff working in the classroom, as well as PBIS team members who support and coach teachers. We will spend time looking at different data collection methods, practice using these methods, as well as how to graph and read the visual analysis to help monitor behavior and interventions. 

Supporting Students with ADHD

All Teachers 

1 hour

We all have those students who are fidgety at their desks, have a hard time concentration and struggle with executive functioning. Here we will take a look at ADD and ADHD as many students need support in the classroom. We will discuss how to support them in their learning environment and what types of behavior strategies may be effective. Leave with a better understanding of ADD/ADHD and tactics to support teachers and students. 

Prompting and Visual Supports 

Special Education Staff, including paraprofessionals

1.5 hours

Ever feel like you or your staff are over prompting students? Wanting to find ways to push for more independence? Here we will discuss the different levels of prompting from most to least restrictive, as well as when it is appropriate to use each of them. We will learn about skill acquisition and prompt fading to support the process of learning new skills over time. 

  • Finding the right supports for you and your team.

    30 min

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