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Assessment & Intervention

Understanding The Process

Read below to understand the assessments, intervention plans and how goals are used to support students


Functional Behavior

A multi component assessment completed with the help of all members of the IEP team. The assessment helps to identify target behaviors and reasons "why" they are occuring. 

This assessment includes:

  • Meet with IEP team members to gather more information

  • Direct observation of student across all learning environments 

  • Indirect assessments - questionnaires, rating scales, interviews etc. 

  • Data collection and analysis 

  • Report of findings, hypothesis of the function (why) behavior is occurring and suggested interventions. 

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Behavior Intervention Plans

Part of a Student's IEP that directs staff how to respond to specific target behaviors.

A Behavior Intervention Plan is created off the results of a FBA. This plan will provide a break down of identified target behaviors, specific interventions that include positive behavior supports and any services that may need to be used to address the problem behavior. 

We put a huge emphasis on proactive supports to try and create a supportive learning environment that help reduce problem behavior over time and provide the staff with tools when working with the student.

This plan will also lay out an approach for staff to follow when problem behavior does occur.

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To ensure a Behavior Intervention Plan is successful for both the student and staff, it is important to collect data. 


Data allows us to determine if we are decreasing areas of concern and increasing positive behaviors. 

We will work with your staff to find a data collection method that works well for them and provides us with the information needed to set goals for the student(s) and ensure we are taking steps to success!

Data Drives Goals,
Goals Drive Progress

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